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Tesco’s Free From Choco Nut Pillow Cereal [Review]

Sometimes it’s perfectly acceptable to be a big kid for a while. Well that is what I kept telling myself when I skipped to the check out with Tescos new box of cereal!

tesco cereal

Not only does in contain a rather cute yet manic looking squirrel on the front, it also contains the words ‘choco-nut’ and I love chocolate and I love nuts which sealed the deal for me

If I have time in the morning I will usually have a bowl of cereal and lately I’ve been loving Udi’s Gluten Free Cranberry Granola (which I will blog about soon!) but I wanted something different, something fun, something that was just a little bit naughty and this new cereal from Tesco hits the spot!



The ‘pillow’ coating is crispy which obviously get’s soggy and loses that crisp as soon as the milks added but the inside chocolate tastes just like nutella! They’re also so nice on their own that I often find myself eating them straight from the box!

The only downside I can find is that after a while these choco nut pillows of joy can get quite sickly and sometimes I can’t finish my bowl. Would I repurchase? Probably not but it’s been fun feeling like a kid every morning!



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