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The Perfect Brunch: Avocados on Toast

I can’t believe it’s been exactly a year since I flew to the other side of the world and I’ve still yet to blog about it!

Last year me and Mike embarked on a trip to New Zealand to witness our lovely friends, Dave and Jen get married. Although the journey there wasn’t the greatest as I became very ill, I did have the greatest time of my life over there!

One of the things I loved about New Zealand wasn’t just the amazing and breath taking beauty of the place, it was the fact that every place I went for food, even in the remotest of places, did gluten free and for once  I did not have to worry!

The first place we visited in New Zealand was Christchurch which sadly since their terrible earthquake, most places were still being rebuilt and we often found ourselves amongst rubble and building works. However whilst stubbling around trying to find somewhere to eat we came across this weird little town made up of shipping containers called Re:Start.


It was here in Re:Start where we ended up going to Hummingbird coffee shop which had a delicious breakfast menu and they could also provide gluten free bread and it was here where I tried avocados on toast for the first time and a love affair was born!


It’s so easy to make that I feel silly typing out the recipe! But if you are unsure and wouldn’t mind trying it out for yourself, here’s the short but sweet recipe:


  • 1 large ripe Avocado
  • 1 Tomato (of any variety)
  • 1 Spring Onion
  • 2 slices of Gluten Free Bread (I prefer Genius multi seeded)


  1. Place the slices of a bread in a toaster or under the grill
  2. Once toasted, apply the avocado, tomato, spring onions and season with salt and black pepper


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Where Have I Been?

So… I think it’s safe to say I’ve kind of been a little absent in the gluten free world lately.


I’ve not blogged and I’ve not tweeted for a couple of weeks months now.


All is well though! I’m still here, I still silently pop on every now again and see how the little gluten free universe is doing and I could never, ever give up on the blogosphere as you guys have been such amazing support to me throughout my gluten free journey.


Things have changed for me. I ended up getting my dream job, working as a branch co’ordinator but I am also working with people who suffer from anxiety and mental health issue, which is something close to my heart. I absolutely love it but it’s a little demanding - I find myself absolutly cream crackered at the end of the day and often find myself comatosed on the sofa watching endless repeats of Big Bang Theory till I can muster the energy to crawl upstairs and into bed!


I’ve also been on a holiday of a lifetime to New Zealand (which I promise to blog all about soon) where I witnessed the lovely Jenni and Dave get married!



(I'm the one in the dark red skirt)

And some of you may know that during the flight to New Zealand I ended up being rushed to hospital in Singapore.


They suspected I had a grumbling appendix but it turned out to be ovarian cysts - which from what I’ve learnt is quite common but it’s extremely painful. I’m still in a lot of pain now but I’m waiting on more test results (to rule out any other underlying problem) but to help me with the pain I am often popping strong painkillers which knock me out and send me off with the fairies - which is another reason why I’ve not been able to blog.


But I shall be back! And I look forward to catching up in the gluten free blogsophere soon. I can already see exiting things happening, such as Pizza Express doing gluten free pizza bases and Heinz bringing out their gluten  free range (which I am yet to try!) and my god, I have been eating endless amounts of Dominos gluten free pizza!



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