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Great news my gluten free pals! As of today, [12th May 2016] my number one favourite store is now stocking a rather impressive range of gluten free products from bread to biscuits, to cookies to cake mix to name but a few!

And what’s even more amazing, all these products don’t break the bank! For example, in Tesco, Genius white bread is an eye watering £2.30 whereas in Aldi it’s only £1.89! Good on Aldi for not hiking up the price of gluten free products and allowing us gluten free folk to buy fairly priced products without taking out a second mortgage.

If you’re wondering what other products Aldi will be stocking, please see the list below and if that doesn’t sway you I have not only listed the Aldi  prices in blue but also other supermarkets prices in orange. It pretty much speaks for itself! 

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies – 69p - (£1.35)

Yushoi Multipack Snapea Rice Sticks – 99p - (£1.99)

Bounce Energy Balls – £1.29 - (£1.99)

Genius Gluten-Free Crumpets – £1.49 - (£2.00)

Genius Seeded Bread – £1.89 - (£3.00)

Genius Gluten-Free Pancakes – £1.49 - (£2.00)

Has No…Gluten-Free Pasta – 99p - (£1.50)

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix – £1.49 - (£2.50)

Seabrook Lattice Hand Cooked Crisps – 99p - (£1.50)

Trek Bars – 75p - (90p)

Mrs Crimbles Large Gluten-Free Chocolate Macaroons – 89p - (£1.20)

Nestle Gluten-Free Cornflakes – £1.99 - (£1.99)

Gluten-Free Maria Biscuit – 89p - (£1.20)

Has No…Gluten-Free Organic Porridge – £1.89 - (£2.50)

Passions Gluten-Free Tortilla Chips – £1.29 - (£1.99)

[Please Note] These will be Specialbuy products available in Aldi stores from 12th May 2016, while stocks last.

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