Living a gluten free lifestyle is hard enough. Yet living a gluten free lifestyle whilst being a student is challenging to say the least. Whether you are recently diagnosed or have been diagnosed from birth, I hope you find this site useful..

I was diagnosed with coeliac disease back in 2007. I was at University, studying to become a social worker but being told I have to completely change my lifestyle, really did turn my life upside down. I had to say goodbye to my comforts, the foods that students take for granted, i.e. - pizza, pasta, beer and the o’ so mighty - pot noodles to name a few.

I was lucky (if you could say that) to have been diagnosed when I did. I have heard stories that major supermarkets didn’t really accommodate for coeliacs or wheat sensitive people, yet now we are, quite simply, spoilt for choice.

However the one thing that sticks out for me is the lack of  cookbooks aimed at just ‘student recipes’. We have an impressive range of gluten free cookbooks available to us, including my personal fave; Phil Vickerys, yet these often include recipes that are either quite adventurous or expensive to make.

For this site, I want to include those student recipes that all students love, i.e. cheap, simple, easy yet delicious foods that are a staple to the student lifestyle. I’m not an expert at cooking nor am I a chef, but I’m literally going through this food journey with you. What I’m trying to say is, if I can cook these foods I can guarantee you can too!

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  2. Hi Fellow ceoliac,
    I was diagnosed when i was 1 year old and that was back in 1986! and your right, i have gone through life trying to find everything or just anything gluten free…. and every time its something new and it was always a dissapointment … my mother always mentions the old days when gluten free bread came out of a tin into a crumbled mess… so yeah the choices are so much better now, seeing tescos selling genius bread, fresh loaf and even warburtons now. I have recently moved over to the netherlands with my boyfriend for work reasons and they just don’t cater for ceoliacs like they do in england. I found your website absolutley brilliant! i only found it yesterday as we were searching for a gluten free batter recipe, we had it last night and it was beautiful! and it worked out which never happens when i follow a recipe. I will be using your website again and i think you should consider writing a book your self! especially since there has been a recent craze of people generally trying a gluten free diet. anyway thank you for this website! good luck with it all p.s. i also really like the way you put step by step instructions and pictures to match, very helpful 🙂

  3. Just wanted to say your website is a brilliant life saver! My boyfriend and I live together at uni and he is a ceoliac and I try and avoid wheet for health and just makes things easier. Iv tried many of your recapies and they have all turned out rely good, it’s so much cheaper to cook from scratch that buy many of the gf products that are expensive and very hit and miss. Iv found nearly all the recapies I need from this website and many of food he thought he Couldent eat again iv cooked from scratch! So just thank you so much for making this. Also found on here some good places
    To eat out together which I thought was almost impossible for a gf and vegiterian! Thank you so much! X

  4. Hi Sara

    Just wanted to say your website has brightened up my day a little…. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease at the age of 1 (now 24) and am glad there are other people around the country that share my excitement about the new gf products in supermarkets and now Domino’s pizza!!! People that are not gf really dont understand how exciting this is for us to be able to go and buy one! I also thought the story about the M&S bread was hilarious (esp the pic of lloyd christmas)ha ha, I felt exactly the same and totally agree it tastes like cake! yuk…
    Will definately be purchasing those rice noodle ribbons, I must have missed those in Sainsburys! thanks xxx

  5. Thank you for such a good website! I’m not coeliac but I have recently developed an intolerance to gluten, wheat, lactose AND soya.. it is a nightmare! I’m a student too so your recipes are brilliant for me, thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

  6. Ok so I may be jumping the gun a bit…my 8 year old son was diagnosed today…a few years away from Uni if he makes it…we live in the UAE where the Gluten free range is not bad…but back in the UK I do have a Uni student daughter too and am wondering if maybe she should be taking a butchers at this rather super site….which it has to be said is a sight for sore eyes…nice one!

  7. Hi there I came across your website whilst looking for a recipe for my recently diagnosed coeliac daughter who is a student!!!
    She was devestated as like most students her diet consisted of pasta pizza and carbs!! She also is veggie which made it more difficult but she is starting to learn to cook gluten free. There is also loads of gluten free stuff around as well now.
    Thank you so much for a fantastic website.
    Also felt you should know I have never posted a comment on any blog before but felt I needed to let
    you know.
    Thanks again

  8. What a wonderful and comprehensive resource. My son is 16, Coeliac and wanting to leave home for university in 18 months time. I will definitely be sending him your way to help him continue to live gluten free without his mother.
    Thank you

  9. Hi Sarah
    I’m a private chef and I have developed lots of recipes over the years that are free from gluten, dairy and sugar. I’ve compiled my 32 favourites into a new app called GLUTEN FREE ME coming out on 19th September. It will be free to download and then there are eight free recipes and four more albums of paid-for recipes. The recipes are simple, fresh and very tasty - hope you can give the app a go when it comes out and enjoy cooking the recipes! Let me know if you’d like more information…
    Best wishes

  10. Hi, this site is amazing!! i am lactose intolerant and have recently been told to avoid gluten as i have a sensitivity towards it and am a student at uni in london where things really isnt cheap and i love to cook so instead of going to tesco all the time for specialist stuff i am able to make my own thanks to you!!! 🙂 thank you, you really should publish your recipes!!! xx

  11. Hi there 🙂 just wanted to say thanks for all your recipes. I’m a wheat-free, dairy-free uni student as well so know EXACTLY what you’re going through! Started theintolerantstudent.wordpress.com to document my journey and share some of my own recipes! X

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